Moteino battery drain

I have recently seen that some standard alkaline AA batteries drain pretty quickly compared to others. Some of my Moteinos manage to run for 100+ days with two standard AA batteries, but lately I have replaced batteries on the outside sensor after 3-7 days!

ATtiny - Back to basics

After a few years using Arduino Pro Minis and now recently ATmega328P-PU chips, I have started playing with the ATtiny85/84. As as programmer this was very confusing. I just assumed I could program the ATtiny the same way as the ATmega328. Oh, was I wrong. I spent countless hours trying to get things to work. I didn't find much info online for my problems either.

Moteino battery life

Today I changed batteries on one of my Multi purpose Moteino sensors. I was surprised to see that the batteries had lasted for nearly 7 months (207 days). 17897040 seconds to be exact. The sensor was located in the bathroom, the warmest room in the house with about 25-26° C. I guess the high temperature had something to say when it came to the batteries capacity.

To compare, the sensor outside lasted 71 days, in shifting weather. Including below 0° C.

A better RFXCOM RFXtrx433E antenna

I have been using the RFXCOM RFXtrx433E USB 433.92MHz Transceiver for a while now and I have noticed that the reception range is sometimes bad. Even without moving it I have found that the weather have a lot to say about how the reception range is. After some experimentation I found that the best placement of the device is high up, of course, but also so the antenna goes parallel with the ceiling. I taped it close to the ceiling so that the antenna pointed out into the room.

Domotiga on Raspberry Pi 2

I have been running Domotiga on the new Raspberry Pi 2 for a few weeks now after the initial months using the "old" Raspberry Pi. And I have to say the performance is very noticeable. I'm controlling Domotiga with the desktop client using VNC. I also control Domotiga with the web interface, but I find it faster to use VNC. Compared to the "old" Raspberry Pi, the response is almost instant, and the CPU usage is never over 25% compared to the the "old" one that used 100% every time Domotiga had work to do. That's the beauty of quad core CPU.

NEXA LMST-606 range problem

As a part of my home automation system, I have a NEXA LMST-606 magnetic switch on the front door. The NEXA LMST-606 is capable of sending "on" and "off" signals when the door is opened and/or closed. The problem is that it has a terrible range when used with the RFXCOM RFXtrx433E USB 433.92MHz Transceiver. With only two open, or closed, doors between the LMST-606 and the RFXCOM, the signal is blocked.