Radio interference

Last night my wireless temperature sensors suddenly stopped working. Since all of them stopped at the same time, I thought it was the receiver connected to my server. Then I discovered that the Nexa remote switches didn't work either... They run on the same frequency as my temperature sensors. They worked if I held the remote very close to the receivers. That can only mean there is severe RF noise on 433MHz.

I removed the batteries from all of them, except one to see if one of them was jamming the frequency. That did seem to rectify the problem. The Nexa switched started working again and the one temperature sensor I changed batteries in worked once again.

Well, for a few hours anyway. The next night the problem reappears. Neither the Nexa remote nor the temperature sensor is able to penetrate the noise. I have yet to discover where the noise is coming from.

Updated Tuesday, Aug 12th, 2014

What happened?

I removed/turned off all transmitters, including the Tellstick Duo.
I replaced batteries in all the sensors, and switched each one back on with a 24 hour delay.

After this all seems to be back to normal. Some of the sensors had quite new batteries when this started, so I have no idea of what happened.

Updated Thursday, Sep 18th, 2014

I just learned, from someone on Facebook, that the Tellstick Duo might be the problem here. He said he had the same problem when using Nexa/Tellstick. His Tellstick got stuck and jammed the radio frequency.

Updated Tuesday, Nov 18th 2014

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