A real arduino editor

I have just started out with the Arduino platform and the one thing that hit me in the face immediately was the programming interface, or the editor. I work as a web developer/programmer and I found the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) "impossible" to use, and hardly without any features found in other IDEs.

Project boxes

Hard to find

OKW Art-Case

If you have been doing electronic projects for a while you know you need a box to put your permanent projects in. They are easy enough to find online, if you go for the rectangular black or gray box. is full of them. But I don't want that. I want something I can mount on the wall or in the ceiling. Not so for the majority of boxes out there.

Nwazet Pi Camera Box

Updated Wednesday, Jun 4th, 2014

After the comment below, I noticed the Nwazet Pi Camera Box is indeed black, if I peel of the paper, so the rest of this entry is no longer valid. Thanks for the comment. Smile

Not exactly as advertised

 Nwazet Pi Camera BoxToday DHL delivered my Nwazet Pi Camera Box bundle for the Raspberry Pi. This contains one camera box, wall mount and one wide angle lens. I ordered this one from Makers Shed. I'm located in Norway and I order all my stuff from abroad. In Norway everything is 2-3 times more expensive, if it's even available here.

Starting up

Getting older?

This is my first blog entry. I want to share with you how it felt to start up with electronics again after 25 years. First of all, I didn't remember it took such a long time to connect wires and components on a breadboard. I guess you only remember the good stuff after so many years?