ATtiny85 mailbox sensor

The postman always rings twice. Well, in my world he doesn't ring at all. That's why I created this little device that tells me when the postman has delivered my snail mail. I would like this device to be small enough to fasten in the mailbox lid (in Norway most outside mail boxes have a top lid that swings upwards).

ATtiny85 PIR sensor

This is my second project using the ATtiny85. I have previously made, and use, these PIR sensors with "power hungry" Arduino Pro Minis. I usually have to replace the batteries in these devices every 2 months. It depends on how much we move in the rooms they are located. They use 1000mAh CR2477 coin cells. These batteries are quite "big", compared with other coin cell batteries.

ATtiny - Back to basics

After a few years using Arduino Pro Minis and now recently ATmega328P-PU chips, I have started playing with the ATtiny85/84. As as programmer this was very confusing. I just assumed I could program the ATtiny the same way as the ATmega328. Oh, was I wrong. I spent countless hours trying to get things to work. I didn't find much info online for my problems either.

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