Domotiga on Raspberry Pi 2

I have been running Domotiga on the new Raspberry Pi 2 for a few weeks now after the initial months using the "old" Raspberry Pi. And I have to say the performance is very noticeable. I'm controlling Domotiga with the desktop client using VNC. I also control Domotiga with the web interface, but I find it faster to use VNC. Compared to the "old" Raspberry Pi, the response is almost instant, and the CPU usage is never over 25% compared to the the "old" one that used 100% every time Domotiga had work to do. That's the beauty of quad core CPU.

DomotiGa - First impressions

DomotiGa is written in Basic, more precisely Gambas. There comes the name DomotiGa in. Gambas is a Visual Basic look-alike for Linux. 

Since I run DomotiGa on a Raspberry Pi to which I connect using VNC I don't get the "full experience" of how the desktop interface looks like. The fonts are very small, and due to the fact that Raspberry Pi's desktop don't exactly look great, I have to accept how it looks. Hey, I'm only using DomotiGa's desktop client to set it up and forget it. You may also install the Domotiyii web interface to control and set up DomotiGa, but this lack some of the features found in the desktop client. 

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