Wireless temperature sensors - Prototypes

Now I have a few prototypes ready and working. It took me a while. I ran into a problem when connecting a USB Moteino to my server. It works OK in Windows, but I needed it connected to the Linux running in VirtualBox. The problem is that the Moteino USB did not reveal itself as a /dev/ttyUSB0. It turned up as a /dev/ttyS0.

Perl or Python?

After discovering Arduino it looks like I have to learn at least one new programming language. And I'm not talking about the language used to program the Arduino, which is (based on) C/C++. What I need to learn is to connect the Arduino to a PC, via the USB cable, and from there to The Internet. The point is that I already have a Linux server running and I don't need (or want) to connect the Arduino via Ethernet or WiFi. Also using the server I already have I don't need an external power supply for the connected Arduino.

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