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Domotiga on Raspberry Pi 2

I have been running Domotiga on the new Raspberry Pi 2 for a few weeks now after the initial months using the "old" Raspberry Pi. And I have to say the performance is very noticeable. I'm controlling Domotiga with the desktop client using VNC. I also control Domotiga with the web interface, but I find it faster to use VNC. Compared to the "old" Raspberry Pi, the response is almost instant, and the CPU usage is never over 25% compared to the the "old" one that used 100% every time Domotiga had work to do. That's the beauty of quad core CPU.

Tellstick Duo out - RFXtrx433E in

Tellstick DuoAfter nearly a year running my home automation with Tellstick Duo I decided to upgrade to RFXCOM. I say upgrade because Tellstick has too few options apart from it's own simple interface where you can switch on/off and dim devices. I used Switch King and EventGhost (Windows), one of the few good programs that works with Tellstick. If you own a Tellstick and don't want to ditch it, I highly recommend the software mentioned.

Fixing WIFI dropout on Raspberry Pi

I have noticed that my wifi gets degraded, and becomes useless, over time on the Raspberry Pi. I use a tiny wifi dongle without any extra power connected to it. It may run for weeks without problems, but suddenly I'm not able to connect to it, nor is the Raspberry able to connect to the outside world. When this happens, I have no choice but to unplug the power and reboot it.

Nwazet Pi Camera Box

Updated Wednesday, Jun 4th, 2014

After the comment below, I noticed the Nwazet Pi Camera Box is indeed black, if I peel of the paper, so the rest of this entry is no longer valid. Thanks for the comment. Smile

Not exactly as advertised

 Nwazet Pi Camera BoxToday DHL delivered my Nwazet Pi Camera Box bundle for the Raspberry Pi. This contains one camera box, wall mount and one wide angle lens. I ordered this one from Makers Shed. I'm located in Norway and I order all my stuff from abroad. In Norway everything is 2-3 times more expensive, if it's even available here.

Static IP on Raspberry Pi

If you have alot of things connected to your local net you will eventually want to give every gadget it's own, static IP. Here's a brief description on how to do that on your Raspberry Pi. I have a WIFI dongle attached to mine and I wanted both the LAN and WIFI to have the same IP (as I will only connect either the LAN cable or use the WIFI dongle)


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