Switch King

Tellstick Duo out - RFXtrx433E in

Tellstick DuoAfter nearly a year running my home automation with Tellstick Duo I decided to upgrade to RFXCOM. I say upgrade because Tellstick has too few options apart from it's own simple interface where you can switch on/off and dim devices. I used Switch King and EventGhost (Windows), one of the few good programs that works with Tellstick. If you own a Tellstick and don't want to ditch it, I highly recommend the software mentioned.

Tellstick and Switch King

Creating a smart home takes more than just reading off some temperature sensors. My home should be able to switch/dim lights, heating, fans etc. based on environmental conditions. I should also be able to remotely control everything from a smart phone and a web page and react upon scenarios. As I have mentioned before, I don't want to buy a ready to use commercial system. I want to be able to add my own made devices to the system. I had a few criteria for selecting a system, listed below.

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